My Story

The beginning of our story is probably familiar to many of you; busy parents struggling in an expensive city to get ahead ; trying to balance the demands of work, family, and our relationship.

We are now on a journey to change that! Mark & I are building a business together that will give us financial security, flexibility to work in ministry at our church & time with our three children & grandbabies! I believe in BIG dreams & praying hard!

Our team has expanded internationally from France, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico & the United Kingdom, we would love for you to join us!
Whether you want extra cash for shoes, your car payment, your mortgage payment...or to build your dream...I know that this can work for you! It was the best $99 I have ever invested in myself...maybe you should too??
Contact me so we can take this journey together, I would love to share more! Dreams with hard work & prayer do come true!

Our accomplishments becuase of Scentsy:
-Joined Scentsy February 2011
-Promoted to Director October 2011
-Director Boot Camp Graduate
-Dominican Republic Incentive Trip Earner 2012

-Annual Mentor Award 2012

-Hawaii Incentive Trip Earner 2013

-Can Do Cancun Incentive Trip Earner 2013

-Top 100 Greece Incentive Earner 2014

-Shining Star Nominee 2014

-Can Do Cancun Incentive Trip Earner 2014

-Speaker Spring Sprint 2015

-Las Vegas Incentive Trip Earner 2015

- Over $100,000 in Lifetime PRV

- Launch to Leadership Incentive Earner 2015

-Promoted to Star Director 2015

-Cruise to Cozumel 2016

-Disney Incentive Trip Earner 2016

World Premier Site Leader 2017

-Incentive Trip Earner Dominican Republic 2017

-Promoted to Superstar Director 2017

This could be YOU, contact us today to get started!
Mark and Martha