My Story

Married to my teenage sweetheart, three children, a beautiful home in the suburbs of Chicago and owners of a successful business. We were living the American dream, but I still dreamed of living a slower pace of life in a tropical climate where the cost of living was less.

A lifelong friend gifted me a warmer and a bar of wax, instantly I fell in love with how the aroma of my home was warm and enchanting. I’ve always loved fragrance but had to quit burning candles due to our daughter accidently flipping a pizza box on top of a wick and flame candle and starting a small fire in our home. With Scentsy I had a safe way to fill our home with fragrance!

I decided I would support my new addiction and become a Scentsy girl.
I had no sales experience and knew nothing about direct sales but what did I have to lose for only $99?

It was amazing to me that by simply sharing a product I loved I was making money, earning awards and receiving recognition. This little business filled me with passion, purpose and the self confidence that I needed!

My little candle business continued to grow, but my husband's business had taken a downward turn due to the economy. Bankruptcy had to be filed and a lifetime of building financial dreams was gone.

I’m grateful that prior to that dark time in our lives I took the chance to invest in my own little candle business, because Scentsy is now our main source of income.

I’ve grown my business by sharing the product with others, home parties, catalog parties, social media and vendor events. I would not be where I am today without our amazing team. I love hearing their success stories and cheering them on; they continually inspire me!

Today that dream of living a slower pace of life in a tropical climate is a reality!
We purchased a home on the beautiful Gulf Coast; we live where others dream of vacationing! With hard work, dreams do come true! Another dream Scentsy has blessed us with, is the opportunity to travel! We’ve earned trips to Hawaii, Greece, Las Vegas, Disney World, a cruise to Cozumel, two separate trips to the Dominican Republic, Cancun and a Mediterranean Cruise!

Scentsy has been the tool to create a lifestyle we could only dream of. Scentsy has not only blessed our lives, but has blessed so many others as well. What if I had never taken the chance and invested $99 in starting my own little candle business?

Are you looking for flexibility? Financial freedom? Purpose? Want to free trips?

With hard work and prayer, dreams do come true! Set your goals high and don’t stop til you get there!

Don’t dream your life away...LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!

Independent Scentsy Superstar Director,
Martha & Mark Murray